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Injection Molding 
Stabilizers (One-Pack)


Pressure Fittings

Non-pressure Fittings




KİMFLOR PVC stabilizer One-Packs offer customers the optimum formulations for high-flow injection molding applications. Prioritizing customer satisfaction with high-quality products for durable, high performance injection molded parts, KİMFLOR is your global partner for economical solutions. For weatherable or non-weatherable formulations, at KİMFLOR, customer specifications are formulated in our PVC Stabilizer One-Packs for high performance PVC injection molded parts. Available in powder and/or granule and/or flake forms, color of end-products can be tuned to meet customer specifications. Injection molding of PVC fittings is easier with KİMFLOR's  One-Pack systems making dosing, handling, weighing more practical. Please contact us, we would be more than glad to help you with your specific needs.

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