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Essential for PVC processing, KİMFLOR's internal/external lubricants are available for a variety of applications. Internal lubricants are polar molecules that are essential for decreasing the friction between PVC molecules, decreasing melt

viscosity. External lubricants, on the other hand have (almost) non-polar properties, bearing limited compatibility with PVC. Friction at hot metal surfaces contributes to the shear profile that occurs through the flow channel minimizing the velocity at hot metal surface. External lubricants are crucial for decreasing this friction and increasing flow behavior. Optimum use of internal and external lubricants is necessary for desired plastification, melt viscosity, homogeneity of melt, mechanical and optical properties of end products, etc. KİMFLOR's high quality lubricants and technical expertise enable formulation of balanced and optimized PVC compounds. Please contact us, we would be more than glad to help you with your specific needs.

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