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Window & Door Profile
Stabilizers (One-Pack)

Ca/Zn Based Stabilizers

for up to 75 phr filler

Window Profiles with

impressive mechanical properties


Window & Door Profiles, White

Window & Door Profiles, Colored

Coextruded Window Profiles

Foamed Window Profiles (Free Foam or Celuka)

PVC Wood Profiles (PWC)



Exterior weatherable PVC window and door profiles manufactured using KİMFLOR One-Pack PVC Stabilizers are UV, heat and impact resistant, weatherable and just right for outdoor use. KİMFLOR's capstock formulations specifically developed for economical outdoor applications are perfect match for high performance extruded goods. At KİMFLOR, customer specifications are formulated in our PVC Stabilizer One-Packs for high performance PVC window and door profiles. Available in powder and/or granule forms, the gloss and color of end-products can be tuned to meet customer specifications. Extrusion of window and door profiles is easier with KİMFLOR's  One-Pack systems making dosing, handling, weighing more practical. Please contact us, we would be more than glad to help you with your specific needs.

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